Pedigree Research

By using several different pedigree programs, we have been able to analyze information about this breed worldwide.  For example, with Pedigree Explorer, we can check the database for possible errors like a dog born before the parents! Data Doctor is a handy tool in this program.

Once we are sure the data is logical and correct, we then use PMx which is not for the faint of heart, but very useful. PMx is a package of demographic and genetic analysis tools to assist with the management of breeding programs for wildlife species. We were able to analyze the proportion of genetic data available, demographic status, genetic diversity, proportion of sex or ages, life expectancy, proportion of population at breeding age, generation length, MK, COI, effective population size and founder equivalents.

We also used a program called PedScope, which is super fast and does a great job of analyzing exactly what you want it to.
This program can do advanced pedigree analysis, gene diversity measurement, inbreeding calculation and make recommendations for prospective matings. It calculates COI, Mean Kinship, founder equivalents, the number of founder genome equivalents, and the effective number of ancestors. PedScope also can calculate metrics for any size group that you would like — by total breed, country, kennel, etc — with such reports as average inbreeding, or max ad min number of offspring, or the median longevity. The program will also generate detailed relations reports, such as ancestors and descendants, either for a single individual, or covering a group of individuals. Ancestor reports can include #occurrences, min/max generation seen, %blood, path length to common ancestors, kinship coefficients to each ancestor, names of founder ancestors, and partial inbreeding coefficients for founder ancestors.

Finally, all these programs produce enough charts and graphs to make your head spin! Fortunately, we have sorted out many of the most useful tools for you.

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